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REPLAY – Sinai’s Employment Conference Call – 5/2/14

Posted May 2, 2014 by rvillareal

Labor Market in April—How Far from Full Employment and from Price Stability?

–        Labor Market in April—Solid, Strong, or Weak?

  • Jobs and the Unemployment Rate
  • Other Labor Market Indicators to Watch
  • Wage Inflation and Implications
  • Themes from the Data

–        Labor Market, the Consumer, and the Economy

–        How Far From Full Employment?

  • Fed View
  • NAIRU, Natural Rate, Other Notions
  • Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff—Back Again Later This Year?

–        How Far From Price Stability?

  • Inflation Low—Is it Transitory?
  • Inflation Paradigms—New and Old

–        FOMC Meeting

  • Post-Mortem Commentary
  • Labor Market Indicators for the Fed
  • Fed Scenario Implications—the “Fed” Baseline
  • DE Fed View

–        Financial Markets Perspectives

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