» REPLAY – Employment Conference Call – 5/5/17 Decision Economics

REPLAY – Employment Conference Call – 5/5/17

Posted May 5, 2017 by rvillareal

The Labor Market, Economy and Inflation,

Fed and the Markets

  • The Entry Spring Labor Market—April—Weak, Strong, Mixed?
  • Jobs and Related
  • Unemployment Rate and Labor Force
  • Wage Inflation—Picking Up or Relatively Stable?
    • Economy—Weak, Strong, or Uncertain?
  • Labor Market Story vs. GDP—Similar or Different
  • Sentiment, Spending, Economy and the Labor Market
  • First Quarter S&P Earnings Profits—Messages for the Economy
  • DE Baseline Prospect “Overshoot” and Alternative Macro Scenarios
    • Federal Reserve Meeting, What’s Next, and the DE Fed Scenario
    • Interest Rates, the Equity Market, and the Dollar