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REPLAY – Sinai’s Employment Conference Call – 10/5/12

Posted October 5, 2012 by rvillareal

Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs!

The Economy, Unemployment Rate, the Fed, and Markets

  1. Jobs and the Unemployment Rate in September: How Goes the Labor Market?
    1. Jobs—More-or-Less. When, If Ever, Solid Jobs and Income Growth?
    2. Nonfarm Payroll Jobs vs. Household (Civilian) Survey Persons Working—Which to Watch?
  2. Jobs and the Economy—“Baseline” Prospects and “Alternative” Risk Scenarios

III. Jobs, the Economy, Unemployment Rate, Fed Policy, “Financial Conditions,” the Economy, Jobs and the Unemployment Rate

  1. QE-Open-Ended/Unlimited and the Unemployment Rate
  2. Fed Focus on Balance Sheet—“Permanent”?
    1. Modus Operandi
    2. Fed and “Financial Conditions”—No Lags
    3. Financial Conditions and the Economy—Lags
    4. Economy and the Unemployment Rate—Lags
    5. The Economy, Labor Market, and Inflation—Lags

IV. Fed Policy Prospects

  1. Persistent Easing, the Economy, and Unemployment Rate
  2. October 23-24 and December 11-12 FOMC Meetings
  3. Financial Markets
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