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REPLAY – Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – 10/26/12

Posted October 26, 2012 by rvillareal

U.S. Economy in Q3 and Beyond:

What’s Good? What’s Bad? Policy Front-and-Center

–         Q3 Economy—Disappointing

  • Consumer Pluses, Minuses, Prospect
  • Housing Recovery Entrenched!
  • Business Sector Hesitating?
  • Government—Shrinking Spending
  • Exports and Global Economy Weakness

–         Policy—To Stimulate or Not?

  • Fed—“Open-Ended” QE
  • “Fiscal Cliff”
  • Europe—Still Not Stimulating
  • China, Japan and Asia—Not Stimulating Enough

–         “Basic Prospect” and “Macro Risks” Update—Europe Downturn,

China Growth, Washington and the Election, Fiscal Cliff

  • New Minus—Profits
  • New Plus—“Open-Ended” QE
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