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Global Asset Allocation

Macro Overlay

Our Global Asset Allocation Service was built on the thesis that forecasts and evolving macroeconomic conditions drive broad asset class returns.

Model-Based Reality

Decision Economics’ macro modeling capabilities are explicit links to the global economy. Broad outputs from our large scale econometric model are blended with sector and Industry modeling techniques to create a baseline, multi-year framework. Asset Class, Sector and Regional weightings also incorporate qualitative factors as a final human layer in the process allowing for the dynamic factors affecting economies and markets.

Information Support

1. Detailed quarterly reports sent to clients directly upon release and provide weightings by region, asset class and sectors as well as rationale and outlook for each segment.

2. Intra-quarter updates are provided dynamically through formatted conference calls hosted by Dr. Sinai or Mr. Husby on shifts in thinking, weightings and fundamentals.

3. Published Strategy Updates provide insight on shifts in thinking based on evidence.