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Decision Economics, Inc. (DE) led by Chief Global Economist and Strategist, Dr. Allen Sinai, provides global macroeconomic research and support to help investment professionals position themselves in the financial markets. Our research, a blended, scientific methodology, provides both high-frequency analysis of tactical factors and strategic analysis of big wave, secular trends that unfold in each economic cycle. The firm is comprised of several of the most respected Economists on Wall Street who collaborate to interpret fundamental factors and policies that shape global and regional economic cycles and traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

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Economic Studies Series | “External Shocks,” the Business Cycle and Current Prospects “Sticky-High” Inflation, Policy Errors, and “Financial Disarray”

Posted April 25, 2023 by rvillareal

[private] [/private] The Program today is titled “Where Do We Go? A Compass to Understand the Economy.” Let me start then, with remarks on several questions. 1) Where Are We?—“External Shocks,” the Business Cycle and read more

DE | Flash | Anytime | Sinai’s Bulletin Commentaries – The Fed Takes Aim! J-Hole; Reactions and Implications – 8/31/22

Posted August 31, 2022 by rvillareal

[/private] [/private] An extremely Hawkish, intentionally so, speech by Chair Powell on Friday and a well-orchestrated chorus of similar commentaries by five Federal Reserve Presidents in J-Hole interviews with the media—wasnot really a surprise—although perhaps read more

Economic & Policy Analysis

REPLAY| Monthly | Employment Conference Call | The Surprising Strength of the Labor Market—Still? The Summer Jobs Market – 8/4/23

Posted August 9, 2023 by rvillareal

[private] [/private] The Surprising Strength of the Labor Market—Still?  The Summer Jobs Market Labor Market (July)—Still Surprisingly Strong?  Softening?—The Data Jobs (Nonfarm Payrolls, Cos.); Persons Working and Looking (Hh. Survey); Supply—Labor Force, Participation Rate, Employment/Population read more

REPLAY| Monthly | GDP Conference Call | How Goes the Economy? Where is the “Recession?” – 4/27/23

Posted April 27, 2023 by rvillareal

[private] [/private] How Goes the Economy?  Where is the “Recession?”   First Report on Q1 GDP—U.S. Economy History—Growth Pickup?  Stable?  Diminishing? What Can We Learn From Q1 GDP? No Recession! Strengths, Weaknesses and Role of read more

Markets & Strategy

DE | Sinai Economic and Market Perspectives | Holiday Season Cheer?—Or Not? Economy Quite O.K.. – 12/12/22

Posted December 13, 2022 by rvillareal

[private] [/private] Holiday Season Cheer?—Or Not? Economy Quite O.K.. Inflation Downshifting But Still Entrenched High. Fed 2% Mission Continues…But With a Shift. Politics and Geopolitics a Little Better Economy O.K. and Inflation Diminishing Holiday Season read more

DE | Worldwide Economic Indicator Table – 5/16/22

Posted May 16, 2022 by rvillareal

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