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Decision Economics, Inc. (DE) led by Chief Global Economist and Strategist, Dr. Allen Sinai, provides global macroeconomic research and support to help investment professionals position themselves in the financial markets. Our research, a blended, scientific methodology, provides both high-frequency analysis of tactical factors and strategic analysis of big wave, secular trends that unfold in each economic cycle. The firm is comprised of several of the most respected Economists on Wall Street who collaborate to interpret fundamental factors and policies that shape global and regional economic cycles and traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

Our research does not adhere to a single ideology or doctrine. Rather, we believe in the dynamic, adaptive nature of economies over time requiring our team to continually challenge conventional wisdom and assumptions and capture both tactical and strategic shifts in economies and markets. A cornerstone of our research process is the employment of advanced econometric modeling capabilities found in the Sinai-Boston (SB) Model, which has been developed over four decades of research. As contributors to fiscal and monetary policy and proximity to thought leaders around-the-world, our research also integrates an important qualitative overlay with quantitative evidence.