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Real Time Monitoring and Interpretation

Trading means taking a view on the information available. Decision Economics is in the high frequency world of data analysis and idea generation along with our clients. DE brings timely, concise views on the fundamental drivers behind currencies, interest rates, fixed income, and equities. We carefully monitor and interpret key indicators for our trading clients in real-time.

Information Support

1. A Senior Strategist becomes your liaison to our knowledge base, insights and market perspective
2. One on one, live weekly or situational updates
3. High frequency monitoring and analysis of data, policy, and events.
4. A decisive sounding board on risks and opportunities our clients are thinking about.

Proprietary Liaisons

Dr. Allen Sinai – Chief Global Economist and Strategist
Dr. Cary Leahey – Chief US Economist
Mr. Andrew Wroblewski – Chief Eurozone Economist (London)