» REPLAY: Employment Conference Call – 10/5/18 Decision Economics

REPLAY: Employment Conference Call – 10/5/18

Posted October 5, 2018 by rvillareal

Summer’s End—But Still Strong Jobs Market?


  • September Labor Market Often Can Slacken
    • This September—Strong, Mixed, Weak?
    • Nonfarm Payrolls—State of Business Sector
    • Unemployment Rates (U3, U6), Labor Force, Persons Finding Jobs—State of the Household Sector and the Consumer
    • Wage Inflation and Slack
  • Supply-Side Signs?
    • Trumponomics Tax Cuts and the Supply-Side
    • Labor Force Response?
    • Demand-Side Signs
  • The “Phillips Curve,” Wage and Price Inflation—Where, Why, or Why Not?
  • Federal Reserve Monetary Policy—Shifting Sands—Latest FOMC Meeting
    • End of Accommodation
    • Diminished Importance of the *Stars
    • “Forward Guidance” No Longer
    • Fed Policy Prospect
  • Financial Markets—Still a Bear Fixed Income Market, Still a Bull Equity Market, Dollar Up Tendency
    • Interest Rate Outlook
    • Equity Market Fair Value Targets and Ranges
    • S. Dollar