» REPLAY : Employment Conference Call – 5/4/18 Decision Economics

REPLAY : Employment Conference Call – 5/4/18

Posted May 4, 2018 by rvillareal

“Full Employment Zone”—Getting There?

If So, What Then?


  • Full Employment Zone—There?
    • April Labor Market—Strong; Mixed; Weak?
    • Jobs, the Unemployment Rate, Wage Inflation, Other Indicators
  • Approaching Full Employment—If So…
    • Wage Inflation—Stable or Accelerating? The Key Sign
    • “Wage Phillips Curve”—Still Dormant or Not?
  • Economy and the Labor Market—The Labor Market and the Economy
  • …Then—the Forward Look—DE “Basic Prospect”
    • Growth; Employment and Unemployment; Inflation; Profits
    • Tax Cuts: “Permanent” with “Permanent” Effects”—Economy, Inflation, Profits
  • Federal Reserve Meeting: Results and Policy Outlook
  • Interest Rates—Fundamentals and Forecasts
  • Bull Equity Market to Continue?—Fundamentals and Forecasts
    • Earnings Blowout in Q1
    • New DE Fair Value Directional Point and Ranges—Higher
    • P/E Ratio?
  • S. Dollar—Fundamentals and Forecasts