» REPLAY – Employment Conference Call – 6/2/17 Decision Economics

REPLAY – Employment Conference Call – 6/2/17

Posted June 2, 2017 by rvillareal

The Labor Market, Economy, Fed—Does the “Beat Roll On?”

  • The Labor Market in May—“Beat Rolls On? Or Not?”
  • Strong Again? Mixed?  Weak?  Payrolls, Unemployment Rate, Average Hourly Earnings (AHE)
  • Where and When “Full Unemployment”?
  • The Low Unemployment Rate and Low Inflation Puzzle—Some Possibilities
    • The Economy in Q2 and Beyond—Basic Prospect and Macro Risk Alternatives
  • Solid Consumer Spending and Saving Suggested by Jobs and Income
  • Household Balance Sheet Big Support
  • Business Capex Coming On?
  • Trumponomics and the Economy
    • The Fed Scenario Going Forward
    • Markets—Equity Market Fair Value and Ranges, Interest Rates, Dollar Rangebound