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REPLAY – Sinai’s Employment Conference Call –

Posted February 10, 2014 by rvillareal

January Labor Market, Economy, Fed Policy, Markets:

Troubles in the New Year[private]

–        Labor Market in January—Where are the Jobs?

  • The Data—Jobs, Employment and Unemployment, the Unemployment Rate
  • Weakening? Sideways? Strengthening?
  • Jobs and the Q1 U.S. Economy Track—Weather Effects?
  • Looking Ahead—“Baseline Prospect” and Macro Risks

–        Labor Market, the Fed and Monetary Policy

  • “Tapering” Preset?
  • “Tapering” the “Taper”?
  • Fed Prospects and Policies

–        “EMG Troubles” Tail Risk—Tail Wags the Dog?

  • EMG Risk and Uncertainty
  • Contagion Dimensions
  • When Will We Know on EMG Fallout?
  • U.S. and Global Economy at Risk—How Much?

–        Equity Markets’ Corrections and Prospects

  • Pluses—U.S. Earnings and Margins, Macro Fundamentals
  • Minuses—EMG, China, Fed Tapering, Weak Early Year
  • Policy Responses as Insurance—Timeline?
  • The Nikkei “Correction” and Japanese Policies—What and When
REPLAY – Employment Feb 2014[/private]