» REPLAY – Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – 1/29/16 Decision Economics

REPLAY – Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – 1/29/16

Posted January 29, 2016 by rvillareal

End of 2015…Beginning of 2016—

The U.S. Economy Prospects Going Forward


–        First Report on Fourth Quarter GDP—Weakening, Stable or Stronger Growth?

  • GDP Report and “Innards”—What’s Strong…What’s Weak
  • First Quarter 2016 Initial Track and Outlook—The “Basic Prospect” and the Alternatives

–        The Consumer and Consumer Fundamentals—Solid But With Some Concerns

  • S&P Revenue and Earnings Growth and Implications—Hiring and Disposable Income
  • Stock Market, Wealth Effect, Consumer Sentiment
  • “Footprints” of Non-U.S. Global Economic Weakness on Growth and Inflation
  • “Footprints” from Falling Revenue and Earnings—Capex, the Manufacturing Sector, and the Jobs Market

–        The Fed Result and Prospect Going Forward

  • Two or One Hike in the Federal Funds Rate?
  • Interest Rate Implications

–        The U.S. Equity Market, Earnings Results So Far, and “Fair Value” Estimates—Point and Range

–        Macro Investment Themes in the New Year


REPLAY – GDP Conference Call – Jan 2016[/private]