» REPLAY – Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – 7/28/17 Decision Economics

REPLAY – Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – 7/28/17

Posted July 28, 2017 by rvillareal

Stepping Up the Pace But With Too Little Inflation?

Economy Prospect, Fed Policy, and the Markets


  • Q2 GDP—Stepped-Up Growth and Low Inflation?
  • Global Economy Coming On? Japan, Eurozone, China
  • Underlying Fundamentals and the Prospects Going Forward—DE Basic Prospect and Macro Risk Alternatives
  • Central Bank Dilemma—Getting Inflation Higher!
    • Growth Picking Up, Tightening Labor Market, But Where the Inflation?
    • Sources of Low Inflation: Expected Inflation, Energy Costs, Mismeasured Productivity Growth, and “New-New” Technology or Innovations
  • Growth and S&P500 Earnings Prospect and Low Inflation Bullish for Stocks
    • Slow Growth, Low Inflation, Low Interest Rates Spell Long Expansion and Long Equity Bull Market—Longest Ever
    • Lower Inflation, Low Interest Rates, and Equity Market Valuations
    • S&P500 Fair Value and Fair Value Ranges; Asset Allocations—Broad, Sector, Global Regional
  • Financial Market Prospects and Perspectives
  • S. Interest Rates and the Dollar