» REPLAY: Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – April 2018 Decision Economics

REPLAY: Sinai’s GDP Conference Call – April 2018

Posted April 29, 2018 by rvillareal

Early 2018 U.S. Economy—Q1 First Report and Prospects


  • How Goes the U.S. Economy Starting 2018?
    • First Quarter—Economy Momentum Up? Stable? Weaker?
      • What’s Strong? What’s Not? The “Fundamentals”
    • DE “Basic Prospect” and Macro Risk Alternatives
    • Major Issues—Jobs, Inflation, Fed, Tax “Reform” Effects, Profits
      • Unemployment, Inflation and The “Phillips Curve”
      • Fed Policy and Interest Rates (“Bear” Fixed Income and “3%”)
      • “Trumponomics’ Tax Plan” Impacts
    • Q1 Earnings Blowout!
      • S&P500 Op EPS Upward Revisions
      • Temporary or Permanent?
    • Equity Bull Market Still?
      • New S&P500 Fair Value and Ranges
        • P/E and “Forward Earnings” Moving Up
      • Other Major Risks
    • Trade and Protectionism
    • Trump and Washington
    • Geopolitical